Monday, June 21, 2010

You get what you give

Some say photos capture a bit of the photographer....
Well, if these photos are shitty...
there can only be one reason...
that's cuz that's how I felt...
under the weather would be an understatement

debated for about 3 hours whether to make a trip to Sepang just to nosey a bit..
had no tickets to Japan GT but if it was like last year the mall area would have things to photograph as well..
and if was patient enough, could always walk in once the last race began

After 45 minutes (and a 10 minute walk from a far off parking spot)..
I wondered if coming was the right decision.. as nothing felt right
anyways here's what I came away with...
What caught my attention were this GT babes.. Upin & Ipin... lol
then went to inspect what the crowd was for...
other than at public shows, I've never gotten a chance to shoot her, 
but I think she has nice features
I dunno who this girl is..
but she's cute, dimples, freckles, nose ring, tatt and all
and for some they were starting out young!
and with the right guidance..
she'll turn out just as beautiful..
even to manage the heat
one worth waiting for...
things aren't always as they seem

well that's it... a bit disappointing if I must say so my self... but hey at least I didn't pass out in the middle of the mall or on the way home...

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