Thursday, August 26, 2010

Delayed D-Paradise

Quite a while ago I and heartcrusher crew joined a trip to Malacca for a photography session at a place called D-Paradise in Malacca. All this happen on the same day as the FXopen drift round 2.
All we knew was that it was an orchard, and part of the package was a all you can eat of the fruits. It was disappointing as a lunch but definitely a good variety.
And having such a big piece of lands they also had wildlife
pity I didn't get any photos of the ostriches... (the feathers doesn't look all that great in M'sian weather tho)
but they also had places of interest like the Orang asli village
and lodging places
but the oddest sight (and exclusively for that day) was...
a group of "bird" shooters :p

the reason for their appearance was that D-Paradise organised a shoot, and in my opinion is a smart way to try and advertise their place... However the thing that was probably overlooked was the fact that most of the guys probably pay no attention to the background and location anyways....
but for RM100 it is considered quite a good photography session as it had 7 models for the sessions and after the total number it was like a ratio of 3 to 1...
Considering the sessions also had my favourite...
and great fresh new face
and another favourites
Unfortunately there were too many and not enough time... Since Heartcrusher crew were very focused we didn't cover all the lovely ladies... personally feel regret for missing out on more of Hui Jeat or Jasmine Leong..But there's always other opportunities in the future.

Overall the place is actually quite a good idea but sadly it's been under maintained.. And even though there are signs of maintainence going on I am concern it may be a case of too little too late...
For example there is a location called Camp David which is a lakeside chalets and is built on a pier of wood...
We had an unfortunate participant who stepped through the planks... TWICE.. thankfully the ladies were safe in spite of them wearing high heels. 

Thankfully also because of the large property, they provide karts to get around... and aptly warned

and what I worry is that this happens more often though the karts seem in good working conditions when we were there
All in all I actually quite like the place but am not sure if I'd go in again if it costs RM50 per entry... (think that was the rates).. you can probably find out more information at their website.

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