Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Macro look at the light

Hello World! How's your weekend?
Mine's pretty quiet... except for this morning when I made a trip to Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. Honestly this is one of the worse street signs I've experienced in a while... The signboards to the place pop up sporadically but never at important junctions... worse one was the main junction to the place itself.. it shows a sign to the housing area next to it but none for the place... silly Malaysians...
but getting lost has its advantages... I discovered a housing area in Malaysia that I'm quite happy with.. 
This is mainly due to the lamp posts... yes you heard(or more likely, read) me right... lamp posts..
Guess because I grew up in a mostly urbanised areas, I enjoy seeing green especially amongst the concrete jungles.. Anyway, take a look at the lamp posts...
neat huh... creepers planted and grown right next to the lamp posts...
Too bad it is only along one road in Shah Alam.. (think it's precinct 6?)..
but don't you think it's more soothing especially with the big tree's along the road side?
This reminded me about something my mother was telling me just the other day...
about this french guy who is coming to Malaysia to design this wall with creepers..
I'm wondering ... why? I'm sure if you asked an Orang Asli, you'd get good suggestions and definitely save loads of money... then I also thought that Malaysia is the perfect spot to grow plants... we should even start charging countries so that we can grow plants in bulk.. we are preserving Oxygen for the world! but that's just a thought...

So the trip to Shah Alam was not wasted after all... I was actually there to join EOS DSLR group for a macro outing.. Sadly I didn't get any good shots but at least I met some nice folks... looking for more future outings... been long time since I've done any macro... I had to make a last minute flash diffuser out of a freshly emptied milk carton... It worked but the flash was still too harsh.. and the angle was bad as the light came from above.
But here are some samples non the less..


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