Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday part 1: Pre Wed shoot

In order to answer the questions in the previous post,
I've decided to break up the days into the events...

Friday night I get an SMS from EJ inviting me to drop by his pre-wedding shoot...
So come Saturday morning... an hour later than appointed.. (yes I'm not a morning person...)
I arrived at Lake Gardens...

as usual my gear went with me and managed to catch some shots here and there
 After a few locations, we stopped for brunch
 and even then we went to 2 stops...
the second of which was the LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie,
which I heard about but never got the chance to check out before this

I can see why so many urbanites enjoy the place as the smell is intoxicating
while the ambiance is calm and soothing
of course added to that the fact that it is known for its pastry

After the morning break,
the hunt continued for the next spot for the pre-wedding shots...
wanted to go to the abandoned house in Jalan Cochraine for its graffiti
but sadly that has been fenced off already
so the next near thing was BB area,
and eventually ended the morning at Starhill
All in all it was a long and tiring morning but a fun outing none the less
 check out part 2: the so new hands
and more to come in part 3: the wedding daze

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