Friday, December 10, 2010

Hat Yai Part 2: I see icy's

After being soaked to the bone in the rain,
you'd think that the worst thing one could do was to freeze your butt off
I'd guess you;d be right but since getting to the event was hard enough as it is,
I did not relish the thought of making another trip here
(especially after what measures I took to get back.. more on that later)
So I quickly got into the line barely half an hour before closing time,
paid the 300 baht,
and after some miscommunications, and good organisation,
I was allowed into the waiting room
and as Barney would say.. got "suited up" and waited in line...
Again this is one of my rare cam whoring experiences but it was an unusual exprience after all...
I realised that they probably had to control the number of visitors in the Ice dome at any one time
to control the temperature and crowd I'd guess
but soon enough we were allowed in

My first through was,
hmmm the Ice dome doesn't look anything like a dome?...
but in any case, to welcome us was an ice castle...
and some cute animals..
and cute doll-like japs

stepping into -15 degrees Celcius was quite a cooling experience...
not as cold as I expected...
or so I thought
as I went from grand design to grand design,

I soon realised that my fingers took longer and longer to respond
my brain my telling them to press the shutter button...
and my fingers were like.. "wha... did you say something?!?"
So I was torn between preserving the feelings in my fingers and making my 300 baht worth..
I quickly pointed and shot at any structure I saw...
was amused that they included Malaysia's twin towers...
and moved on...
was greatly amazed by the ice slides tho no one was sliding on it
and the thought to keep my digits on my hand at ten prevented me from giving it a go..
But soon, the experience was over... there was my 10 minute experience in freezing temperatures...
now I'm not sure if it was normal or the fact I was drenched, but it took almost as long to get any sensation back in my fingers
but that would soon be the least of my worries.

P.s.: I recently read that they were actually doing something similar in i-city, Shah Alam...
I wonder if I would bother paying RM30 to go for this...?
would a Malaysia collaboration be as good as a Thai-China?

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