Friday, February 11, 2011

What a dog day

for some reason this week I've been extremely klutzy..
I've been spilling food
it's not so bad when it's porridge...
but it's kind hard to remove curry stains..
but how can I resist it..
looks so yummy no?...
and my unique curry with rice, and fried fish with mayonnaise
definitely not to everyones liking... hehe 

and after a long day today
I come home to see this
and I as per usual got an enthusiastic greeting from my no. 1 dawg
 and it's a miracle I caught his face...
cuz he's usually so jittery and hyperactive that this is all I usually get
 geez whatsup wif these inconsiderate idiots...
fireworks and firecrackers at this time... really?
the only monsters i want to scare away 
are the idiots setting it off in the middle of the night
anyway hope day 8 has been a prosperous for your CNY 

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