Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boo hoo Blue Beetle

These past few days have been depressing and quite jinxing really
In a span of 3 days I've spent well over RM400 and nothing has improved
Car has died at three busiest KL roads
spent over 6 hours waiting...
been almost and once actually hit but moron drivers
which is not bad if minor damage
only to realise damage is worse than originally thought
and lost a window... just no idea how
(if you can tell the back one is missing... 
didn't realise so hard to take photo of my windows
or lack of one)
I truly have had all the luck... just none of them good so far

worse of all missed giving support to a friend
and totally spoiled my mood that either didn't 
or took crappy photos
At least had a great time after trying to forget my troubles 
with good friends at Samsung
and interestingly enough they organised a flash mob
for the event during the four days
not bad...
and they had everything from wondergirls
to Micheal Jackson
too bad I didn't manage to get the cute kids...
Time to go prepare for school tomorrow...

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