Sunday, March 27, 2011

row, row, row your dragonboat

This one is really delayed...
Before I journeyed into self exile,
I rushed around like a mad man...
one to support someone, 
and to settle my travelling ticket,
but was most excited about catching this dragonboat event
even though I don't know the relevance to 1Malaysia,
I thought it is indeed a rare opportunity and interesting
but when I arrived I was disappointed...

why? because the boats were so far off,
that I'd need a telescope to photograph them
I tried to photograph the surroundings,
but even that seemed too far...
I tried from the other end
(which was of course too far a walk)
but it was only slightly better
so in the end I had to make do with my setup
of a 1.7x TC with my 300mm Takumar
the only thing that seemed too near
was when I tried to photograph this dragonfly
(how apt at a dragonboat race)
my minimum focusing distance was too long hehe

but anyway the race had something for everyone
hunks for the ladies
those into pink!
those into head.. or tails
those into the great outdoors
and comradery
   those who go slow
or move fast
the drum beating,
rooting for the underdogs
heck, they even had head banging
they had it all :)
hopefully it will indeed be an annual thing...
because I look forward to doing better coverage next year

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