Thursday, 17 March 2011

What I learnt on the road this time

Who knew that you'd always learn something new when travelling?
Oh wait my mom told "you learn a new thing everyday"
Well guess she was right?

Here is what I learnt this time
1. An asian only speak asian
No matter where I've been, I've discovered that english is not as international a language as I'd been led to believe. Be it chinese, thai or the currently criticised Malays... Most I've met prefer sticking to only their mother tongues.
On my recent trips to thailand I'd had to rely on my broken mandarin n malay! And those are only possible because of the high influx of malaysian"tourists" at the towns I've been to. imagine surviving in those rural towns

2. Always bring a jacket
This I can say now but I never seem to learn.
This is super important when travelling by bus. Why? For some reason air conds on public buses are either off or stuck in the freeze ur ass off settings. You can't imagine the number of asses I've lost along the way

3. Take overnight rides (if possible)
Unless you cannot sleep in vehicles this is highly recommended.
As much as I love travelling, you can sometimes get too much of a good thing.sometimes the sceneries blend til you are unable to tell one town from the next, as you zoom through.
However a 9 hour trip can seem like mere minutes when you sleep through most of it.and sometimes you get to dream about coming exciting.

4. There are some things you can't get enough of
One such thing is time & money. Yes I said one. Time after all is money, right? But then money is not time. Hmmm as I ponder that, let me say that most times, I feel rushed as I move from town to town trying to make full use of my limited time n budget.
How I wish I could move on when I grow weary of a place, and not when my time and wallet have grown thin.

5. Chinese are not they only money minded business men
On my way home, I realised that this bus line I took have an interesting system.
They stop at some far out food rest stop in the middle of no where and charge for toilet and food...
I'm sure they get a cut. also realised that they even bought similar plate numbers... most ending in 3333!

Well that's enough revelations for one day I guess

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