Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally Tren-D

Why do the smallest farts give off the biggest stinks?...
and it's always my misfortune to get a whiff of what they're cooking...
Good thing I have no patience for their inanities..

Anyway let's look away from the uglies of the world to some beauties..
Wasn't planning on dropping by Fahrenheit88 for the Miss Tren-D finals
but a last minute decision resulted in me making an appearance.
The pageant itself had nothing out of the ordinary
starting with the ladies coming out and then introducing themselves

followed by a one two turn catwalk...

add in some screaming fans

some talent portions

with pretty judges
and finish up with the formal wear

and there you have it,..
the recipe for a successful pageant
I walked away from the event pretty pleased with the lighting..
and was worth waiting for the rain to stop...

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