Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japan GT Queen

Japan GT....
all about the hot hot cars...
and the even hotter ladies

This year was different as they held the Japan GT Queen Search organised by DGcolor
I was pleasantly surprised by how well organised it seems this year

Having two pretty hostesses are of course a plus...
the lovely Careen, a DGColor veteran
and Rachel, a returning emcee,
but even better was this pretty lady being one of the judges

Other being talented as a photographer..
and model,
she always blows me away with her unrestrained spirit
and friendliness...

 but back to the ladies
The contestants came out in these flowing batik themed designs by kraftangan..
I think it looked great and should have been the final dress instead
The next round was a little odd IMO
but the ladies came out in casuals dancing with some singer
(claimed to be famous but most people there didn't know him)
followed by a Q&A session
The finale was the girls coming out,
shaking and baking in these super elaborate costumes
Not sure if the inspiration was Hawaiian,
hindu goddesses or swimwear(?)
But it was soon over
and it was time to hear the results of the 2 month long search
All in all there were 6 titles to give out including the winner..
and recently read an article that mentioned all the winners as college goers
(but I was thinking that all the girls were still in college?)
but the grand prize went to this lucky INTI college girl, Lu Shan.
All I can say is all the best to her
and hope she has a wonderful experience representing Malaysia in Japan!

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