Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Turning Japanese

The weekend whizzed by just like that...
welcome to another monday.... when am I going to strike my millions and can retire early? *sigh*

The weekend wasn't the only thing that did a lot of whizzing...
A portion of the nation was geared up to go for the Japan GT in SIC...
If not mistaken this is their 5th year running in spite every year I hear it is the last one
due to overwhelming costs and poor response...
sadly with that has also been the dropping standards of the Japan GT Queens...
the other major pull of the event

As for me this year has been interesting to find out more about the cars itself
I actually enjoyed the race itself and watching the action going on
even though I have no idea about the drivers nor the cars
but felt the rush of the adrenalin
the rumbling of the engines
even the bursts of fire
as the cars swerved and skidded
as they travelled the never ending track
But as with any event I tried to absorb as much of the sights and sounds as I could
The games
 and competitions
 and the beats
It is interesting to me to see how Angry Birds is such an international phenomenon
that they can even make an appearance at a car show
not like the Michelin man who has to make his presence felt
This year there were some major changes
The biggest difference was that the stalls were going cashless...
Is a good idea and greater idea for Touch n' Go...
However until they work out the kinks, it may still hold up the paying process

The other change was the cigarette booths were now air-cond hang out spots
It is so 18+ that the photos cannot even be posted here...
and the fact that they didn't allow photography inside...
imagine the panic response I got when just taking the sign outside!
Not sure if it was their intent the whole while
but switching to a reward system to buyers instead of those who fill up a survey was a smart move
It avoids leeches like me who just go for the free air-cond, food and drinks :D

Even with the change in layout, the booths still enjoyed much patronage,
Though it feels like there was less things to see this year
But what has not and I feel cannot change is the presence of these ladies
who of course stole a lot of the attention
especially those who want to collect them all?
I was glad to see many familiar faces that look so refreshed in spite of the heat
and not only were there imports from Japan... but this year there was the one from O.C.!

However one of the most interesting change was the main stage
A big disappointment was the lack of a schedule
unlike past years no one knew what was going on
Though bigger and better, the stage now located at the entrance
was a far distance to come out just to check what was going on
which was frustrating for those who looked forward to the Japanese Queens
 introducing themselves as they do every year 
 However the positive point is that it was outside the gate meaning
those that wanted to see the Japanese Queens
 or even the Super GT Queen Search organised by DGcolor
could still do so without having to buy a ticket

Was it worth the RM100 grandstand?..
well for me it definitely is since I didn't buy it
but if I had disposable income.. I think it is a worth it expenditure...
though better if could get media pass ^ ^..
(and do photoshoot with the Jap ladies too!)
but we do with what we got
and I got a pretty sweet deal non the less

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