Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oriental Adventures

For some reason,
Miss Oriental held a pre-pageant at the Geographer Adventure in Puchong

Monday, December 26, 2011


Yupz... been MIA again...
Since I returned from Thailand it's been a fury of activity
events events events
*sigh* and I so much wanted to look through and share my Thai experiences
but guess that may need to wait

Immediately as I returned,
I whisked off to Hot Import Nights
then followed by Achilles Formula Drift
and just as I cleared the pile of photos
then the whole Christmas period crammed together with DCIM
and here we are now...
This is sometimes why I liked being in Thailand..
It is not lacking activities but not overwhelming...

Hunting Interesting Nubiles

After attending Motor Expo in Bangkok,
I had low expectations when it came to motorshows in Malaysia
and it's never been that Malaysians cannot, they just don;t...
and yes I understand the many complexities involved

in the development of the industry here 
it's just saddening...

Any way it was still kind of disappointing 
as I stepped into the stadium 
after finding out that there is a entrance fee of RM20,
to find this...

my Achilles weakness

If it wasn't for the fact that Formula Drift was happening again,
(that and I was broke) 

I would probably still have been in Thailand.

You oaf of the Nation

"We are against Hudud
because if they implement this
there'll be no more alcohol, parties or movies" 

Do Come In Men

It was Christmas time..
a time for giving..
and apparently the best time 
to give a camera... well according to DCIM

Other BolehBokeh moments

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