Saturday, 18 February 2012

Having Reservations

It has been so long since I've gotten the chance to do macro shots...
I was so excited I spent over an hour last night making a crap diffuser....
better bad than none at all, was my reasoning

Unfortunately work and rain conspired to keep me away,
but I managed to persevere and make it to Kota Damansara Forest Reserve

I must admit that even though I live nearby
I've never even heard of this place,
but thanks to the EOS DSLR group,
I managed to find my way there...

by the time I arrived, most of the group was not in sight
I guessed most had left or were hiding?
I wandered around for a bit,
got a closer look at the lake
even took the time to test my lens on water droplets
 and leaves.. (ooo mau mau, meaning hairy)

Then I decided to take on the insects!
and it was indeed challenging,
mostly because I had make shift equipment
I had a non electronic Extension tubes,
combined with a 85 mm f1.8 FD canon lens,

which meant I had to adapt it so the aperture could be adjusted
and because of the shallow depth of field I needed to stop down
meaning I was basically shooting in near pitch darkness at f8-22

unlike when I use reverse lens, I can open the aperture,
focus, then stop down again
Unfortunately it also meant I would move
and without seeing I could never be sure what apperture I was shooting at

Though the 2 hours flew by quickly,
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience
I managed to meet another newbie in macro
and also met one of the care takers of the forest reserve..
 David, who is commissioned by the NGO taking care of the park,
he spends his time planting spices around the place
and took the time to talk about the plants
and even talk about the insects that land around the spices...
I will definitely be making a trip back here...
if not for macro, just an escape to mother nature...

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