Sunday, 5 February 2012

See and Why PhotOuting

I know I haven't finish the Bangkok posts...
in fact I've barely begun...

but thought I'd just blog about today, 

after all "Never Leave Till Tomorrow Which You Can Do Today"

About the same time last year,
I joined a friends Chinese New Year outing..
and I got to meet the lovely Icecream and the fabulous Freda,

this year I joined because I haven't had a photoshoot in nearly half a year

and I really need to meet more photographers
I'm not sure if it's me who has changed

or it was the group this time
but it was not as enjoyable as I'd like, 
as I didn't get to fellowship as much,

and the shooting style conflicts with mine
but I was glad to try a new location

and most importantly meet new talents..

All in all it was a good outing

as I got to meet a few new beautiful ladies

Here's some samples:

It's also the first time I had so many spectators while we shot

Let's hope I have some more salvageable photos to post in the near future

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