Monday, April 16, 2012

copy, right?

I was excited about heading down to Melaka this weekend 
for the Mean Machines event...
first time it is somewhere close enough that i can go
But this post is not exactly about the event
more about the poster above and ethics...

The first few times I saw the poster above,
I thought wow... 
they were so hardworking to do a studio photoshoot with Diana Panda
til I got this message from a friend today

"hey this your pics of panda
i know its one of ours
cos of the dual light in the eyes
taken from klims"

now I was kind of skeptical,
as I don't even remember seeing this photo before...
and I wondered why people would use fb quality photos
for a poster

but since my friend had such great recollection,
I assumed was either his or another friends...
(cuz we were the only "geniuses" to carry a softbox to KLIMS)
however when checking through my KLIMS photos posted on fb,
I came across this....
forget the fact that the fingers are cropped...
tilt the image... crop it and you know where they got the image from
they didn't even touch up the image

I don't mind if I will see some of the moolah
but being malaysia,
one can only dream of such a thing as copyrights....

facebook is so efficient...
I drew their attention to the poster on the m2 fb page
and after one day this is their reply

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