Friday, 6 April 2012

It's getting hot up there

Since the dawn of time,
Man has always dreamt of flight...
which is probably why every year,
when the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival comes around
Malaysians travel there by the bus loads...

This year was no exception...
Despite the event being halved from the usual week long
to a mere four days
Or maybe because it was shortened that the car parks
were overflowing 
the crowds were jostling 
and the cuties came out to play :)
With crowd pulling activities such as Zorbing,

(after all who doesn't want to watch these little rascals float away.. :D)
and a chilled environment

The festival seems to have a little something for everyone.

it is as they say... so good.
As soon as the trucks pull up,
and the balloons and baskets pulled out
  all other activities seem to be put on hold 
to witness as they stoke the fires
   waiting for a chance to immortalise the moment of flight

to be in child like awe of these behemoths as they tower over the crowd 
and the pilots as they seemingly defy Newton,
and escape the grasp of gravity
 One by one,
the crowd bear witness to the lighting of the flames
that will carry the pilots far above the earth
away from everything else,
floating the the sea of blue sky
and the day seem to embody air asia's catch phrase
now everybody can fly...
blimps and cats,..
planes of course...
with birds taking flight
and even angry birds took to the sky 
and even UFO looking hot air balloons filled the sky
with everyone looking for their chance to take flight
Even as the hot air balloons lit up the night sky,
celebrations was all around... and no celebration is complete without cake
or fireworks!
 all in all, a satisfying event,
even with all the jostling and wading through the sea of mankind,
just to see them big balloons...
and which man is not happy to see big balloons...

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