Monday, 24 September 2012

Oppan BB Style

With all the Gangnam style mania going around,
It is not surprising that Malaysia has also caught the fever,
There has been the Kampung Style, and the KL style,
but the first of its kind is the one organised yesterday

at Malaysians Gangnam, Bukit Bintang
in particular at Pavillion

First of all it is a open invitation to a flash mob,
and what made it different was it was organised by Elecoldxhot,
who shot to fame thanks to Showdown 2011,
Not surprising then that lots of familiar faces in the dance scene
 and entertainment biz are also involved
which of course was a great opportunity to stalk :p
but the stars of the day of course took centre stage

When I arrived they were filming some scene
not sure what since I didn't see any flying rubbish
but the cameras were ready

 the action was happening 

(and the crowd was bustling)

each armed with their own cameras
all was missing was the lights, and the kitchen sink
but look, what's up there?!?
opps.. false alarm
But after some random scenes
and their leading ladies were here
and they certainly know how to choose them
It was time to give the crowd what they came for
so the main players got themselves prepped
then got the crowd pumped up

then it was time to do the cowboy

and ride whatever nots 
 and just getting their gangnam style on

All this while you can imagine 
what a nightmare crowd control must have been
and of course the authorities were so supportive 
and involved in crowd control
but at least the dancers got to enjoy themselves

after the hour of so of action...
the crowd dispersed...
not what I expected when they called for a flash mob
but all any of us can do 
is to wait for the video to appear on youtube

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