Monday, 15 October 2012

The Falken Has Landed

When you think Falken Roadshow
what do you think of?

well you should...
but over the years like Redbull
they have managed to brand themselves as more than just a product
but a lifestyle...

meaning hot cars
and even hotter women
 which of course draws the crowds

all clambering for a chance
to catch a photo 
or to be in the photo

and to keep the guests entertained
there are games
on the floor

and on the stage
 for young and old
and with supporters like these, why not

and pageant contestants
(more on that tomorrow)
which keeps them coming back for more
to practise their "skill"
all in all hours of fun
and for me i got to know some of the beautiful ladies 

 here's to seeing what is in store next year!

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