Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It is Golden...

It is soooo.. over rated..
at least I hope so

Standing in one spot 
and yet be in three countries at once...
Sounds great doesn't it...

that was the attraction
that drew me to the golden triangle..
From where I stood,
it just looked like another piece of land...
and unfortunately
the price seemed to high just to land
on an island owned by a country I didn't care much for...

So this time I gave a skip to paying
500 baht a person to be taken to the piece of land
with a market...
and a casino and nothing else...
and no need for a passport...

Maybe next time if I follow a group tour it'd be cheaper
as they actually charge per boat

So instead we made do...
visited the huge golden buddha statue
(what isn't built big in Thailand?)
even the gateway to the entrance was huge

and we made the trip to the opium museum
but think we went to the wrong one 
as the older one I'm told is more interesting
and free entrance...?

oh well, at least we got a postcard
with the entrance fee of 50 Baht,
and for some reason read on a whole lot about 
the tribes in Chiang Rai
(totally unrelated to Opium?!?)

and oddly this was what I found most interesting in the whole exhibition
even more than the plant itself..
(no real surprise there)

and find out that all
opium origin story is somehow
sexually related...?!?
 and got to see some little opium related inventions

but all this did nothing to reduce the pain
of coming all the way and not being able to step on to foreign soil
but at least we could say I've been to the Golden Triangle

and we were soon to find out how much worse it is
to find ourselves on foreign soil

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