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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bangkok: Places to Stay

For a country capital, Bangkok has many affordable places to rest.

Khao San
I naturally stayed at Soi Khao San, 
being the most readily available information to be found online.

However, navigating the area was more difficult than I anticipated.
If you have never stepped foot on the little lane before, 
you’d be bewildered as to the locations of these fabled budget accommodations. 

With  a little leg work and observation, 
you’ll find that khao san has quite a few hidden lanes. 
In the early morning it is much easier to spot these openings, 
but when the road stalls open up, 
you’d have trouble differentiating a lane from a small shop.

If you have no need for a wall socket, and just need a place to lay your head, 
you can easily find rooms for less than 200 baht a night.
Just look out for any guesthouse, 
and you could be looking at a nights stay for 160 – 180 baht a night.

D.I.O. guesthouse

This was the first budget room I came across. 
I did not manage to have a look at the room
 but it has comes highly recommended online.
For fan and outside bathroom, 
this would only cost you a mere 180 baht.

To find this place you’ll need to keep an eye out for bag locker sign,
 and across from that the opening of the lane 
with this Sawasdee Bangkok Inn sign overhead.

Top Guesthouse
Just a few steps down that same lane, 
you’ll also come across Top Guesthouse. 
Starting price for rooms here is 280 baht 
for a studio single room with fan and external rooms. 

In the few times I checked however, 
those rooms were fully booked. 
The next rooms being going at 400 baht. 
The place looks very pleasant and comfortable however.

Siam Oriental Inn
Siam Oriental Inn ended up being my location of choice 
while I was in Khao San.
The entrance was not so easy to spot from the street, 
but once I stepped in 
I was expecting a rate of 500 baht and above...
To my surprise, I was quoted a rate of 350 baht a night.
I wasn't expecting much, but to my surprise, 
this was what welcomed me when I stepped into the room.
A clean bed, a plug point to charge my electronic devices, 
and most surprisingly..
an attached bathroom!
and most importantly it was clean...! 
though it had no hot water.. 
so bad idea to bath at night

the only so-called drawback of the place 
is that it had no air cond and was fan cooled..
which of course is fine by me...

This area being close to the shopping centres and party scenes
at night would be ideal place to stay.
And the longest road in Thailand runs through this place, Sukhumvit Road.
It is indeed easy to find many places along this long long road..
Finding a cheap place to stay (around the rate of 500 baht) 
would be more of a challenge..

Soi 1 Guesthouse
This place is filled with westerners..
a nice chilled place to be...
but being the only asian was a little intimidating :s..
found this review online:

Pros: Location is pretty amazing for going out on Sukhumvit.
Cons: Some of the dorm rooms are pretty cramped.
Dorms from 390 baht.
11/20 Sukhumvit 1,
Sukhumvit Rd,Klongtoey Neua, Wattana

I was more fascinated by this street food..
quite nice.. sweet and savory in one... yummm

looks like a pretty nice place to stay...
again only dorms available
starting at 390 baht...

Na Na Chart Hostel

Did not manage to check the rates as they were closed when I arrived
but based on the rates online, dorms start at 390 baht
(unless you're a member)
and private rooms are available but seems comparable to hotels

Padi Madi Guesthouse
this place looks nice from outside...
wanted to check it out...
rang the doorbell and waited...
in the end gave up waiting
guess looks can be deceiving
as reviews online don't seem encouraging
and lodging seems to start at 1000 baht upwards

a popular street for nightlife amongst expats 
located in a lively little alleyway

the place itself seems quite homely
and is quite bustling despite the quiet area it is in
nice for backpackers...
but located quite far from
shopping mall and busy night life
(took me nearly half an hours walk along sukhumvit)
but was pleasantly surprised to see the night stalls
at the entry to Sukhumvit soi 11

Al Fatima 
Came across this place by accident..
in a really quiet area...
At the moment they have not yet completed the place
but have the rooms set up
though the ones I was allowed to view
had a smell and machine noises

but a private room with attached bathroom
for 500 baht a night in this area...
not a bad deal I suppose

These are a few more places I did not manage to check out
but sounds pretty good online

HQ Hostel
This place has a great location, right off Silom Road.
Pros: Location, and cool chill out area.
Cons: Might be too close to Patpong 
for people who have no willpower 
or are offended by what Patpong offers.

Dorms from 380 baht.
5/3-4, Silom Soi 3, Silom Road, Bangrak
T: (02) 233 1598

Lub D Hostel in Silom is always a favourite amongst backpackers, 
with a huge common area, dorms and privates, 
an attached bar and friendly traveller vibe. 
can be found in Silom & Siam Square

HI Sukhumvit 
In nearby Thong Lor (2 minutes walk from Thong Lo BTS Station) 
you will find the popular HI Sukhumvit 
with dorms from 330 baht or singles at 650 baht. 
Soi Sukhumvit 38

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