Friday, March 26, 2010

All the fuss, over 30 centimetre's?

As I opened the door to my house today, I was pleasently greeted by this white package waiting just for me... (especially since the seller only posted it from Canada 4 days ago!)
Just like a little kid on Christmas morning, I could not wait to open up my little present, but of course photo's first.
As I began to unwrap the UPS packaging, I was shocked to see... a speedo box! And if u look closer still you'd notice that it's for women?... Thankfully it was only slippers (or flip flops depending where u come from)... but this was not what I paid for...
so opening the box and hoping for the best, my heart skipped a beat as I beheld the Takumar 300mm f4!
As with the Takumar 135mm, I was pleasently surprised how small but powerful it was...
See that it's barely 3 times the size of mr ducky...

And of course what's the point of the cake if I can't eat it... so I slapped on my M42-EOS adapter and tested a few shots out my room window... (hope the neighbour's don't think I'm a voyeur or something). Spotted and focused on a "flower" outside the window.
and here's a 100% crop
So far so good.... next challenge is to use it on moving objects... perhaps jet ski this weekend or F1 next weekend... hopefully the 1.7x TC comes by then...

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