Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Fair Weekend

As predicted, this weekend was filled with trips to the first PC Fair of 2010...
It's only Saturday but it's been 2 days in a row... and 2moro will complete the hat trick.

the sad thing this was my reactions throughout the days...(as illustrated by my beautiful model... :p)
1. disappointment 
at why my photos all OOF (out of focus)
2. bewilderment 
as to what the problem could be
3. suspicion 
I suspect it's the lens fault.. never mine! even though it's a manual focus lens 

Just because I want to get nice bokeh I endured using my MF even in the darker conditions... so bear with the less than perfect photos and apologies to the subjects...

This time it was just as crowded, but not as interesting as the previous one...
As usual there were lots of games to begin with...face off 
sign of things
big boy toys
I need a hero

getting on board
PC fair fan
in the office
Office ladies 
look my way!
my favourite
even though there were other hot girls
take one of these to keep the viruses at bay
even two would be enough
hmm so far looks like I'm being shallow (like the DOF)
can only focus one at a time
but there are many other sight and sounds
what's ur drive?
things can get hairy
pass the baton?
getting ahead
we are golden
not sure what a biker is doing here
what's all the commotion?
and urgent need to see it live?
oh right, PC fair is made for GWC's..
so to them, I dedicate these bunnies
anyway I better be off to see these lovely ladies for the last time
before I go, better bring protection


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