Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Fair to remember

It's time to gear up.
put on your masks...
take out your calculator...
be well rested, in anticipation of long walks
because PC Fair 2010 (1) is upon us
It's that time of the year when people start carrying their swanky new purchases home
I hardly buy many things from PC Fair
(though a new HD was on the list to clear up my overloaded HD but now that it is on hiatus...?)
but I always enjoy going....
1. the people
As I am not naturally a good people person I enjoy observing people.
I am easily amused by their reactions and behaviours
especially the cute kidseven the tired ones
this also includes
2. the salespeople
Usually they hire jovial and fun loving salespeople that always give me big smiles
and usually dressed up...
"why so serious?"
But they do really work hard to sell (esp. on the last day)
and try to stand out
3. the activities
There are usually some fun stuff to do (tho I usually just watch)
like games
network gaming
or just surfing
and listening to the music
and sometimes even educational
or social awareness
4. The costumes...
And to attract customers, the workers dress up
be it cosplay
or all in gold
christmas elves
air stewardess
and in case of emergencies
There will of course always be GWC's who go for
5. girls with balloons
and famous faces
but I've been glad that through this got to meet
6. a few wonderful people
the reason for Heart Crusher
In about 35 hours the doors to KLCC will open and a new adventure will await me and Heart Crusher photography.... so see you there...!

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