Monday, May 31, 2010

Catch my drift?

decided to drop by the FXOpen drift competition...
it was very challenging... finding the track! even with the map below & google maps.

YES it took me 40 minutes of driving round and round to figure out that I had to go into the highway to get to the track.
but when I finally got there...

There were already quite a few families out for the show
(ain't the kid sooo cute?)
there were even people standing on their vehicles at the side of the highway
trying to get a glimpse of wheel spins,
fast cars,
burning rubber
and drifting
it was a good year for some
and supremely so for singaporeans
while some stood out,
others had impressive drifts
all to finish the race
that attracts the babes
and the umbrella girls
which encouraged others to take to the track

Was happy with this set as most of the photos were taken with my MF Takumar 300mm f4...
and shot at 1/50s...
too bad I missed the tandem race as they were slow to start... was hungry as I had not had lunch yet so I went off and decided to drop by 1 Utama as I knew they were having the CHARM cheerleading competition


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