Saturday, 29 May 2010

Youth '10

I just don't get it...
I made it to the first Youth festival in 2008 and it was pretty good and different....  
so I decided to take a walk in PWTC to see what was happening this year..
From the first step into the hall, I felt like I was under the watchful of the "eye of Sauron"... 
every where I went I felt its "glare"
but under its watchful eye there are many activities... 
like gaming

battle of the bands

lots of music

board games

even a club I've never heard of b4... dice stacking
pretty impressive when seen in action
Supersized jenga
that everyone was waiting for it to fall... but the guys weren't playing according to the rules
  rock climbing

petting zoo
stocked to keep Indy away

with cage matches
and even foosball

and if you were wondering why the audience aren't actually looking at the game... 
look at the opponent (and I'm told she's not a bad player too)

 I even attended a photography talk but didn't find it very helpful though her work is pretty impressive

 Around the marketplace there are activities like henna

clothes and accesories sales

and dolls

 and there were some pretty good offers.. tho not my kind
I also discovered how Mary Poppin's did it
I was truly stunned at this discovery
It made me want to dance in a box
or around a chair
 All in all Youth '10 was a not too bad event... If you expect a jam packed non stop fast paced event.. 
then you'd be in for a disappointment... 
If the event was a show, it wouldn't be a Die Hard but more like a Bill Nye...
It was a good wholesome event... even sections promoting good health by not smoking...
 and even though it rained
the show still went on...
even with gloomy skies
so props to these guys
and here's hoping it gets better next year

So that was my adventure in Youth '10.. missed Siti Nurhaliza in the opening ceremony... 
but other than that don't think I'd be missing much if I don't attend the next two days...
if you have the chance tho I do recommend you drop by and see it for yourself...
you never know, you may find something that catches your fancy...

my photo of the day (totally unrelated to Youth '10 though)
cute deco rite?

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