Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Fashion Curve

There's a hole in my sole... yup... that's not a typo....
The weekend started out with a 16 hour 'coma' following by a random sharp stone piercing the sole of my foot... what a fun way to start the weekend.
It actually looks worse than it is... if u see the skin coloured spot in the middle of the dried blood... that's the actual puncture wound... it just must have been kind of deep to bleed such dark coloured blood.

Anyway most of Saturday was spent in the Curve recording the fashion show. I usually have no particular interest in Fashion shows but the plan for the day had fallen through so it'd had to do...
I arrived late.. just in time to see the end of the first session... the lingerie fashion show...
and the photographers were of course well located
They were quite well covered as far as I could tell... tho this parent thought it might be too 18SX for their kid
After that I stuck around for the next session (I honestly never heard of the store b4)...
What was nice was for this session, the lighting gave a nice hair light at the right angle
and I finally got an OK skirt twirl
I really zucca :)
even ms cool didn't chill me too much
but soon it was time to turn my back
and leg it...
as Heart Crusher Crew went to YL for different reasons...
but at the end of it I came back empty handed but someone had a new toy :)
So to test it out we returned to the fashion show...
It was a good thing too cuz the next show proved that fashion is not only for pretty girls...
This is one of the time I quite enjoyed the experience
for a hair show it was odd to have.. urm hats?
but they certainly had funky do's
as for me I took the time to try out my takumar 135mm (which actually drew some attention to it's small size) but also resulted in lower keep rate 
and sometimes misfocuses
but i still managed to capture a famous name (or so i was told)
and some pretty boys
and b4 they forget...
they ask that u call them
kinda reminds me of Arnie...
Star Wars inspired?
view from the stands
check out the cute kids!
kinda makes you want to cry?
or maybe sneeze?
it is all good and cute til they get n ur frame
The last show of the day

brought some class
but if u were wondering...
the odd poses is to focus on the jewelry

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