Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hat of Tricks

In hockey, out of 2116 games, there's been 58 hattricks, that works out to be 2.7%
statistically it is said that in NHL hockey it's 1 in 18 games.... which works out to 5.6%

now what are the chances that a person can not know the exact date of a birthday and yet ask the person out on that day itself three years in a row?... we'll find out next year!....
but the repeat offender still gave a sweet gift..
Surpassing the third decade was a uneventful affair for me but was a moment of reflection and gratitude for the time passed....
thanks to the people who made me who I am today... the monkey I am (thanks to my "daughter" for the cute gift)
and to those who have loved me and make me feel welcomed....
and to the many who through the years have been my true friends...
I would be nothing if not for you...
and for my lovely parents who despite my age still treat me as their precious son and accept me in spite of society pressure... thanks for making me different and for giving so freely...!

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