Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 10: Go look at Golok

 I know this is really delayed.. but not like it is anxiously anticipated by any body...

But I've finally gotten around to writing my thoughts on Golok, Thailand..
I actually spent 3 nights here even though there isn't a whole lot to do here...

The town itself is about 10-15 minutes walk from immigration (or RM3 by motor)
This is the main road from immigration. on the right is Genting Hotel where there was a bombing about 2 years ago by Islamic extremist.
on the right is the van depo to Yala and Hatyai.
For those who question how safe it is here...
In the few days I was here I felt no sense of danger though I was told that there are still some bombings going on. but this is greatly reduced as the place is constantly monitored by the Thai army and great lengths are taken to reduce the chances of bombings.
As a major transport around Golok is motorbikes, one of the oddities is that they are required to open their boot (under the seat) when the bikes are parked... and I was told that the army are armed with bomb detectors powered by the human body.

If you take a stroll around town there are quite a few sights...
In the middle there is a temple (actually there's two.. but the other is quite small and quiet)
and there is quite an elaborate entry gate
With even a food stalls next to it
and there are quite elaborate plans to upgrade the place
and the reason for it is explained on the outside...
and as with most thai towns I've been to there's a street market
and us being asian cannot get away without food...
be it streetside
or around the corner (even facing the police station)
a whole street dedicated and named after food!
It looks kind of like a pasar malam to me... but only the food portion
This particular stall got my attention
and was particularly intrigued by the whole fried chicks
Not surprisingly.. it tastes like chicken.

Other than that there isn't much to the town... other than the train tracks that end here
and of course if you're looking for it... the drinks and the women
While I was there, one of the places I spent quite a bit of time was this place...

was told that it's called Sawasdee street...
And I met a few beautiful and crazy bunch at one of the bars here...
If you happen to pass by, check out one of the bars towards the end on the left called the Thip (I think?)
They treated me very nice even though I did not drink and even spent time chatting with me 
(in as much broken Mandarin we could)
Most of these places basically serve beer and serve as mini disco's... with female companionship.
and as one of them told me.. "when you think of Golok you think of Ann"... and I do.. :)

Overall, Golok is pretty much a quiet town mainly for entertainment (as are most border towns)...
but as with most border towns there is much beauty that is overlooked...
I hope to return here soon...


  1. wants to go with eiran too!
    all the photos look so interesting...

  2. haha... y? u looking for girls? :p

    but this is y i love thailand... it is tt interesting sometimes... but not much to do

  3. heh. girls would be a plus. but the pics just make me wanna go and see what you saw!


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