Saturday, July 3, 2010

How Phoney

As mentioned a few posts back, in honour of Sheep I would take the time to remember those that have come before...
and now that there is a Rhino, (named appropriately again after its former master)
now journey with me as I navigate the murky waters of my memory to recall the phones that have served me in the span of 12 years...

People say you never forget your first...
and perhaps this is true of girlfriends and phones...
my very first phone was the infamous Nokia 3310,
It was a hardy phone, and could do what all the other phones could do and more!
Equipped with the game snake, there was no competition for this phone

model: Nokia 3310
given by: my father
time period: 1998  - 2005
reason for retirement: Screen pixels were dying, battery completely died

Next in line was the also as famous butterfly phone.
It's blue light was certainly more attractive and it was smaller and sleeker.

model: Nokia 8250
given by: my brother
time period: short period in 2001

reason for retirement: stuck between a door and a hard place. 
(still worked by the screen was cracked)

The next phone in line was probably has the most interesting history.
It was by Motorola and was one of the earliest 3G phones in the market
It was not very popular probably due to its bulkiness.
In fact it never even reached Malaysian shores as far as I know
As shown on the right, the one I had operated on 3 operator in Autralia.
I so happen to come into ownership of the phone for my short stint as a spy... I did some undercover work for a friend's shop to investigate if a neighbouring phone company was illegally selling 3 phones as the rights were limited to specific company's in different areas.
As a reward I got to keep the phone... I quite liked the phone except the fact that it died for no reason, and I could not get it fixed in Malaysia. And due to the method of acquiring it I had no warranty for it...

model: Motorola E1000 (I think)
given by: G2000
time period: short period in 2004

reason for retirement: Battery could not charge.

After many years of use on and off, the Nokia 3310 was beginning to reach its end. As a surprise, the then popular Motorola Razr flip phone, was given as a very early birthday gift. It was very useful especially when my car radio died and I needed to listen to music...

model: Motorola v3i

given by: my mother
time period: 2006-2009

reason for retirement: Left it at a toll stop during a failed photography outing

After hearing my story of woe and loss, a good friend decides to show generosity and sympathy for a poor lil boy hehe...
So that was how I came into possession of Sheep.
It was a good phone that did not need much adjustment as it was similar to the v3i.

model: Motorola L7

given by: Sheep

time period: 2009-2010

reason for retirement: Disappeared in Golok, Thailand

which brings us to today,
again out of the abundance of a generous heart, Rhino is in my care.
Let's hope and pray she lasts longer than most of her ancestors
model: Nokia 2730 classic

given by: Rhino

time period: 2010 - ??

We've now arrived at the end of our tour of the hall of mobile phone...
I hope you have enjoyed yourself.
Watch your steps as you exit. thank you... come again


  1. May the phone stick like an ai ren..

  2. what is the difference between a sheep and a rhino?

  3. stick???...

    "what is the difference between a sheep and a rhino?"
    hmm wool, horn, weight, colour?...
    is this suppose to be a riddle or a trick question?...

  4. u know... sticky. some ai rens are sticky. LOL

    and it's not a trick question or a riddle. it's a... question...



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