Monday, July 5, 2010

Machines rule the day

 "Carshow sure got girls wan, rite?"
Actually no.
 But usually tt's what most ppl go photograph....
 Yesterday I decided that I would concentrate on the cars when visiting the Super Auto Mix car show.
Curve-wise, The cars were a little disappointing, 
 but was alright in term of the feminine kind.
For some reason though, I do not have one complete photo of a car
unless there was a model on the car
as seen here
and here (though the sides are cut off too)
usually though the shots are like these,
from the tires
to the emblems
Petrol tank covers
or tail fins
and engines
but mostly seemingly meaningless car parts
or just because it was colourful
heck I was so busy photographing random items
that I didn't even get a good photo of the drift event
(or in this case the crash)
I even missed the award ceremonies
and the celebrity appearances
and even the World Cup
All in all, some found the event smokin'
while some were against the smokin'
IMO it was cute with some odd looks
and some parts of it was beautiful
The day was not yet over...
and again machine would triumph over models...
I came across the Hyundai car show in 1U,
which featured some famous faces like Jessica How and Cindy
but shock and horror
these are the photos I came away with
where some of it is almost unrecognisable
(unusual for a side mirror)
and some can't even tell head from tail
but before I start speaking binary... :) 
it's time to press the button to stop
hope you enjoyed my car parts :)

P.S.> Worst quote of the day
"There are no bad students, only bad teachers"


  1. second pic... looks like toy cars!!

    there ARE girls at car shows! (see so many photographed here!)

    wat's a... better... quote than that one? ;p

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. many?... thankfully u dun rely on maths for a living :p

    better quote?...
    sheep are furry...


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