Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surely Shirley

Finally completed the last set of photos from the photoshoot (first started here)
Last but not least is Shirley Sia... most people may not find her the most attractive of the three but I think she's beautiful... she has nice big and clear eyes... (and no I'm not talkin about the contacts)

and she is so experienced that she can even pull out poses frm the book I brought even b4 we suggest to her...
I personally think she looks nice and natural especially up close...
and even from afar (noticed that I like to use UWA?)
hard to imagine this lady is a fresh engineering graduate... she certainly has brains!
and compared with the gloomy bg.. she brightens up the photo's... don't ya think?
well that's it for this set... hope you enjoyed it...
sorry about the inconsistent WB... still trying to get it right...

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