Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bon Adorable

Have yet to look through the photos from the penang trip
but I couldn't help but look for the cute kids from the Bon Odori festival
For those who know me...
there are probably two...
or is that three...?
anyway, a few things that gets me excited...
one of those are my favourite subjects...
cute little kids.

and please.. no it's not one of those give weird looks,

weird me out, kind of interests

but whenever I get a good vantage point.
I like to take the moments to see things from below

as children have pure joy,
blissfully unaware of society's norm and restrictions
free to play
and be happy
and most of all to be at peace..

One day when I get my own... I'll probably have HD's full of photos
and probably won't have time to take any other subjects...
but til then... I will enjoy the fun without the responsibilities..

up next.. more from Bon Odori, Penang

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