Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Weekend that Was

Just back from Penang.
RM110 later,
4½ hours busing it there 
and another 5 hours back,
but it was worth every moment

Accompanied by "Maneki Neko"
we hoofed it to Chulia Street from the jetty,
to find a place to bunk for the night
First place was at Day & Night...
I stayed here a few nights last year
and it was affordable and comfortable
for RM30, we got this room (cooled by fan)
and the bathroom with heater...

This little cozy place can be found facing 
which got its name not so much from love but..
the "prosperity" of olden Chinese man
and just outside, you can find this stall
which includes this yummy treat
though I must say it looks better than it tastes
and yet it is still a good eat and not overly done..
meaning I could always go for seconds without getting sick of it

but the reason we were there was to experience this event
Bon Odori.... 
One of the few good things left from the occupation by the Japanese
but more on that later as I got to rush
but before I go,
I leave you with my favourite shot from the trip
have a good week ahead!

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