Saturday, July 17, 2010

EL @ EL Model Search

Estee Lauder...
I must say they have been quite smart in organising their own model search
and the prizes seem pretty good.. 
the top few include trips and adventures...
They had a few pretty interesting spots in Australia this year

The finals in KLCC was a massive yet underadvertised event.
The preparation for the event must been quite a headache though..
from the make-up and check ups
to the list of celebrity VIPs
and judges..
and members of the media
and yes including the public and photographers
They even made sure that there was eye candy for the ladies,,,
do I hear yummy anywhere?

by the time the MC's came out it was already nearly 7 p.m.
and most of us had been there nearly 2 hours
but with the sight of the beautiful Daphne Iking who can complain
Soon the category A(under 29 year olds) ladies came out..
followed by category B
It would take too long to post all the photos of the contestants
and of the event but let's take a look at a few highlights..

The first contestant in Category A, looked very familiar
and has nice sharp features..
I only realised then I've seen her before at the Velocity City Angels this year.
With her was fellow Angel Jennifer So, who also has amazing eurasian looks

and the asian beauties kept coming,,,

Some ladies looked mature for their age..
while some looked amazing for their ages
and made me wonder what's their secret
that makes these ladies stand out from the rest

The attractiveness of the ladies of course was not limited to only their looks
And to prove that point...
the ladies had to come out again

and get up close and personal
as they answered questions by the judges..
and after all that they strutted their stuff on the catwalk.
and in the end this lady took the cake...
winning the best catwalk award..

too bad they didn't have one for SYT's...
but whatever it was the ladies brought it..
and showed what they got.
While the judges deliberated,
a local artist came out
I have no idea who she is but she has a great voice
but soon it came down the line...
and winners were announced
and in the end,
only a few can come out on top.

Well tt's it from my side of the lens...
I apologise for the incoherentness of the post
but wanted to get this post out of the way before I rush up to Penang 
I'm finally going to get to witness Bon Odori there...
I'm sure I'll post more on it later on...
stay safe!

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