Saturday, July 31, 2010

I broke my foot

Fourty-Five Ringgit
a hundred kilometres
six hours
all because of a broken foot..

and it's not even my foot!

the klutz in me came out. and most embarassingly behind and very close behind
Weena Marcus & Soo Wincci, the judges for the Orientation....
after tripping over my camera strap and sprawling on the floor,
I picked myself up and my flash which had separated itself from my camera
Sadly this was the result of my two left feet dance
who knew finding spare parts was such a difficult endeavour?
I searched three locations...had a few communications with the manufacturers
but in the end was where I managed to purchase this little piece of plastic
and in order to save a few Ringgit, I decided that replacing it should be an easy task,
after doing the necessary research, and the necessary leg work,
I finally bought the replacement hotshoe casing from Canon Malaysia
I think that their after service is the biggest reason to stick to Canon
I've heard enough horror stories from Nikon users to stay away from the dark side as long as I can
Anyway, after gleefully carrying the plastic piece back home, I prepared to dismantle the part and easily replace the part.. Of course it was not as straightforward as that...
I soon realised that the flash had more parts to dismantle than I had been initially led to believe
but after many different sized screwdrivers, 2 hours of dismantling, and fiddling with springs
the foot was on... the only problem was I had nothing to test the flash out on..
oh well... the weekend is coming :)

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