Monday, July 26, 2010

aTarCing in the name of FM

 Once Upon a time, HeartCrusher crew made a journey to TarCollege
Our mission, to support and chronicle the journey of our favourite petite lady

Upon arriving, we were surprised by the dressed up students...
these students really take their Orientation Night's seriously..
but we found out later that the ticket says formal wear
good thing I so happened to dress in long pants though was clothed in a T-Shirt
Good thing they didn't ban me from entering... 

I found the programme a little puzzling though...
The Orientation night is stated to begin at 5 p.m.
and to end at 10 p.m.
and yet no meals are provided? 
good thing we didn't die of starvation in the mean time
But I must say they made it sound so grand...
they called the event Orientation Odessey...
and even had a theme...

So talking about being unconventional,
the pagaent for the orientation students was a musical??
and the pagaent was judged amongst the few by Weena Marcus & Soo Wincci
we weren't sure criteria for judging was... 
but it didn't matter as we were just going to support FM all the way
The play was about the contestants being picked to enter some school of arts
and the adventures that ensued in the process...
The play was filled with posing
and even cross-dressers..

The night turned out pretty entertaining.
Besides the play, there were bands,
and celebrity singers
as well as entertaining hosts

But in the end, after 4 hours or so,
it came down the the moment we travelled all the way for.
Announcement of the winners...
Unfortunately, Heartcrushers no.1 choice,
was not the judges...
At least she came away with miss photogenic...
and photogenic she is indeed.

All in all I must say the committee did a great job...
 bet the participants had a blast
To end it all, here's my wish to Miss Photogenic...
I hope you are happy with the results..
and that this is the start of a greater experience in college

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