Monday, July 26, 2010

More Toying Around

You know how sometimes you need to take a double take?
That's what it seems like for the MITF...
It's the little things that count after all
Here's my second take of MITF 2010
First of all is the Dweeys..
Didn't take note of this one b4.. 
but it has ppl and trees!
and I didn't this one served turd
and I didn't get a sharp copy of this cute monster b4
and the squirrel has a fist for a tail
and prove that can manual focus moving objects
and from star wars... 
the ewok!
and this monster doodoll storms the fair
and it definitely attracted the chicks
speaking of which I didn't manage to photograph these two flyer girls til yesterday
but most of all misssed the cosplayers
with a pretty fishy
bringing the fun and the love
not sure who this is.. but cute
well guess that's it for the toy fair 
time to pack up and go

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