Sunday, July 25, 2010

Toy-Fair Story

picture heavy thread
and that I am....
which is perhaps why my opinion conflicts with many of those in cyberspace

before I arrived at the Malaysian International Toys Fair,
I've heard from two separate people that they're read online
that many cyber patrons were complaining that it was disappointing

From the first moment Ultra King and I stepped into hall 2 of MVEC,
we were distracted by these cute little designs that was on display.

they even did sailor moon
My favourite was this simple one, 
because if you flip it upside down, you can see a tiger! awesome
Other than those, they had these odd monsters...
and more normal looking characters
but usually stereotypes
Eventually we moved on and found more cute toys
these were found at a stall called painkillahart
at the link above, they have some designs that can be printed and folded...
for free!
another such place was salt+paper
they have cute ones like this bird
and even started expanding into other mediums
like wood and resin
Other popular ones is the doodolls..
Even the saleslady is cute... :)
Of course they have more traditional dolls
tho it was a little creepy
and also cute soft toys
as well as modern toys
but for the mature like me...
you'd remember these classics...
(these are actual collectibles)
and my favourite robots in disguise
and for those into anime...
macross figurines..
I cannot recognise them as they look nothing like Robotech
even the robots are different already

These toys are on sale, though a little expensive
but that's probably cuz it's all individually hand painted
Other than toys... they have hand drawn art
even by the famous Gempak group
and for some reason fishing?
and computer games...
(which can make you short sighted!?)
and some cosplay
but I pity the fool
who came looking for chickies
and there will of course be many
and not to say there aren't any...
but not many...
but the few are quite attractive
and cute
and willing to pose for you
but if you're interested in the toys I must say
in my opinion it is worth the RM3 entrance fee

Well that's the end for now
May go again today....
especially since they having a wedding fashion show next door..

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