Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Late Cheer

Usually look forward to Cheer each year as the energy and
 the excitement is usually quite a sight and experience

This year however I felt quite let down
it just didn't give me that big O

Not sure if it was because I could only be there a short time, 
or that did not follow the build-up, 
or as someone commented the change in emcee.

Whatever the case may be I did not feel inspired to photograph much..
This is probably why took me so long to get ard to these photos...
in fact I ended up catching more signs and crowd then the cheerleaders.

And was happy enough with the photos considering there were fast moving 
and I was manual focusing on a 300mm...
I must say though that the boys are also getting impressive..
and they're not only the kind that you wonder their orienatation
but I do wonder when a boys team will come out on top
It was also nice to see some patriotism
What was not as nice sight was boys getting horny at the sight of the girls :p

Hmm now that I've done some catching up in PPing photos
wonder what I should do with the rest of the weekend

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