Monday, August 16, 2010

of Cos Play Play

 Who doesn't relish the idea of being someone else..
and I'm pretty sure that's just half the fun of doing cosplay...
Since I'm not that into Anime's or Manga's
I don't really know many of the characters nor share in the excitement of recognising them
 I do however appreciate the effort they go into making the characters as real as possible,
I must say one of the things I've noticed about cosplayers 
they certainly love getting their picture taken
and very sporting about it
Over the weekend I attended two such events...
One was GAMP which was held in IMU, Bukit Jalil.
I wasn't expecting a big event like Comic Fiesta...
but for some they found it kind of disappointing and uneventful

Overall they had computer games, 
and art competitions,
singing presentations
and Cosplay competitions
and I must say the judges were probably the most jovial I've ever seen 
 and heart crusher member even left a little memory.. in PINK!

The following day was this event
honestly i had no idea what was happening...
so happen to hear about this event through the grapevine.
Upon arrival, I recognised the emcee... not sure from where though
The other thing i recognised was that big crowd and low lighting
makes bad opportunities to shoot
Some people even had to resorted to piggybacking to see what was going on
all just to see the cosplayers sing?
Oh my, rite?

So to make the best of it I decided to take the cosplayers who were at the back
where there isn't so much shooting
and they are ready to serve you
But in the end, what people came to see

and were anxiously waiting...
were the results of the competition
For the consolation prize, it went to Venus...
And the first place goes too...
Check out the surprise...
and the smile :)
I'm sure it's not becuz she had a big gun :)
So that was it...
I had my fill of cosplay for this week...
am aware that this AniCom is ongoing for a few more rounds..
so may yet see more to come...

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  1.'ve got a shot of Dai's amazing legs ...(he's the one with the blond wig and 4 inch platforms)


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