Monday, August 30, 2010

SUB gone banana's

Last Thursday night, half of Heartcrusher Crew made an appearance at Coco Banana, Sunway Pyramid, to attend SUB's academy's Beauty & Make-Up Fashion Show. I must say it was much better than expected... I guess the academy have done enough of these shows for their students to have ironed out most of the kinks.

I was impressed how they allocated a portion and directed the portion of shooting the models with the make-up before the start of the show. Even how she took charge and systematically organised the girls and students impressed me.
The only part I didn't like was all the waiting about but I guess to most extent it can't be helped.
However once the show started the flashes and shutters were kept busy...
I liked how they also shook things up with a "make-up" session midway. 
It was just attaching a headpiece but it was a change of pace.
Then for the final session there was quite a break as the ladies nails needed to be done up
but of course some photographers found ways to amuse themselves
but soon the show got on its way again
Quite interestingly enough that even within the show they had different themes
from "wedding",
to urm I actually dunno what theme this was
to "Lady Gaga"
to "animal"
All in all I'd say it was not a bad way to spend my Thursday night

the pretty faces didn't hurt either :)
Great job SUB academy... keep it up

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