Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My weekend

Good day folks!
Happy Hari Merdeka to all my M'sian peeps...
Hope yours has not been as gloomy as mine :)
currently preparing exam papers.. got distracted.. so taking a break

Thought I'd just finish blogging about my weekend that passed...
It was pretty much an uneventful weekend...
Saturday I went to visit Taylor's Asaban festival but missed out the portion I was looking forward for....
so ended up taking a look around the campus grounds
Looks like a nice place for a photoshoot :)
 After that felt very itchy backside so went walking around 1U as I remember being fascinated by the Hari Raya deco.. it had a balik kampung feel to it
the oddest sight though was coming across a barbie doll wedding gown display in front of a jewelery store
Sunday was anticipated as another uneventful day even  though there was a photography session going on at the Aver Awards at e@curve.
and even though there were some famous faces
I didn't feel like registering for the sessions... in fact I felt kinda stalkerish (can you spot "waldo" in the cap?)
and I also noticed a regular face in the photography media..
who later tells me he was also blocking the guy with the phone from taking inappropriate photos.
What is wrong with these people
So having had enough I thought I'd check out the final round of AniCom in Sungei Wang Plaza.
as anticipated it was packed
and people used any means to see the happenings that they could
some even got a friendly lift
Good thing I was here two weeks ago and came armed with my trusty ladder.
so I managed to get a good enough view
though some thing should not be seen
I know that cosplay means dressing up in costumes and playing characters... but what is the obsession with crossdressing?!?
makes me feel like whacking someone
maybe that explains some of the aggression that day
at least some ppl came in peace
and vegetables???
yea it kinda leaves me like this
I must say after attending quite a few of these events.. these people sure know how to have fun and quite friendly
I was most impressed by this presentation... not only because she's actually a model
but check out that PSP!.. who wouldn't want to press those buttons...
 but is this the ending?

I dunno as I didn't stick around til the end... left early to search for some batteries and to get home in time for dinner.
All in all I would say that the weekend was rather uneventful but still enjoyable and productive non the less
here's hoping next weekend is better!
Happy Freedom day once again people!... May you live wild and free :)


  1. Uhu..missed Anicom because had church on Sunday. *cries*
    Btw, in otaku terminology, Cross-dressing is called "crossplay". Both guys and girls do it..but of course not all of us do it well..hehe.
    But when done well, the effect is *wow*, like the crossplayer you photographed at GAMP.

  2. crossplay?? really?...
    hmmm maybe I'm bias but I appreciate it more when a girl does it more than a guy :)

    thanks michelle


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