Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I H-Art Party

 *disclaimer* photo heavy post

What's up people?...
It's the hump day....
*smack* ..get your head out of the gutter....
It's the day most people have just recovered from the last weekend, 
and start looking towards the next weekend...

What did you do last weekend?
Amongst my list of activities, one of them was the Hennessy Artistry party in Mist club
Even though was a little disappointed with the first one in Opera,
I went with high hopes that this would be better...

The only difference was this time I got VIP tickets as oppose to the photographer pass I had last time.
The funniest part was I didn't realise I had VIP pass til one of my other friend mentioned it...
I just thought that they had changed the band to golden from the usual black bands...
As in the spirit of Henessy Artistry, the pretty people came out to play...
thanks to Pauline, I got to meet Michelle, a model and former FHM GND contestant and MHB....
 and as usual,  where there's pretty people, the cameramen come out to play
 That's why it's hard to get the attention of the guests
If you'd been to a Hennessy Artistry event before, 
you'd recognise the wall where the stars
and guests alike pose for their photos
 Similar to previous H-Artistry's was the DJ booth
 and the light painting contests
 But most essential are of course the Hennessy girls...
all pretty and friendly
 and willing to put up with troublesome guests like myself
asking them to pose with bottles
 or just looking pretty... which they do so well :)
 About 10 something they got the party started with ZE 
(whom I honestly have no idea who is she)
 but she had energetic dancers..
 who really pushed it
to get the crowds pumped up...
 and pumped up, they did...
it took a while but once they started there was no stopping them
 Overall I would judge this event a bigger success by the participation of the crowd
again spotting some pretty and popular faces
(I recognised Lee Yvonne, though never met before)
 and ZE got into the crowd too..
 simply snapped this photo and realised was 
Eva Loke (hadn't seen her since last years DGColor Model Search), 
Jenny Foh (last seen at Minoshe show at Sg Wang)
and Jane Kwan...(last seen at AVER awards)
 and this group was in the dark but asked for a photo anyway...
later realised that one of them was Jessie Loo.
 To top it all, got to take a few models in the VVIP seats
So all in all, the party was rocking..
Didn't think too highly of the performers... think the house DJ rocked harder...
but I'm sure at the end of it most guests had a good time...
So say it with me...
"to Arthur"... oh wait that is Guinness... hehe
guess " the global art of mixing" isn't as catchy :p....

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