Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday part 4:Flame ON!

To end the long day, I rushed from Mid Valley all the way to Ampang just to cover the ending of the 9 gods festival... After the 9 days ceremonies.. it culminates in a Fire walking ceremony... (can read about my early encounter here)

Arrived early to beat the crowd... and to try to get a photographer pass
so for that I had to go into the temple...
 took a few shots of the interior along the way
And found out that there are monks who can go behind the interior curtain!
after getting my pass I soon discovered I wasted my time as the pass I wanted to look for is this colour
and not the girly pink that I got... uselessnya...
so I might as well be a girl
this is because girls are ying to the firey yang, 
they are not allowed into the firewalking area...
geez, feel so emasculated..
well actually the pass came in useful to tie up a flag 
that was blowing in the way of my sight :)

in the end I had to climb around the outside of the cage
with the smoke from the humongous jawsticks
So like the rest I had to stand outside and witness them piling out the charcoal...
and soon they were setting up the grounds...
not sure what they had to draw in the sand though
 and soon they went about laying the groundwork 
spreading and piling up the charcoal
and soon the got around to compacting the charcoal
After about 2 hours or so, they set it all aflame
The devotees came on in groups...
some even armed with their children
  while others came with their idols
and soon the emperors..
All in all it was a good experience...
now I know what to expect if I go again next year
and that was the end of my long long Saturday....

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