Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bring It On the Battlegrounds

Fast paced action, 
Bright Lights,
Cheering masses,
Smooth guys,
Beautiful ladies,
and equally beautiful hosts.
All these and more were present when 
Astro Battlegrounds burst on to the scene at Sunway Pyramid last weekend.

I've heard of the competition over the past two years,
but this was the first time I was able to witness the competitors as they take to the stage.
I was particularly motivated by a group that I recently discovered
These group of girls were the backup dancers for ZE
but in my opinion they stole the show...
these girls are known as SoulKrazy
and living up to their name is what caught my attention
after all who is not attracted by characters who are not afraid to have fun
even if others may think of them silly
forget all the haters..
after all, how many ladies you know are confident enough to dress up as men
even though they look good enough for a coca-cola ad,
or to bring the Scottish jig into style

Aside from my bias, I was greatly impressed by the other crews
as they came out to play
they were still dedicated 
to the point that they even gave the shirt off their back
and endangering their health with acrobatic skillz
and despite trying to blow away the competitors
each crew perform with perfect grace and passion
they displayed perfect sportsmanship by 
showing love and respect after their battles

The dedication of the audience was as equally admirable...
not only did they come to enjoy the show,
they didn't even want to risk missing a moment, not even to eat,
 and they came armed to record the days event...
be it small
or big camera's...

The success of the event was not only due to the battling crews,
but also a great deal to the eloquent emcee's
Gan Mei Yan (just found out she's a radio DJ)
and Serena C
not only were they professional when the camera's were rolling
but they made things fun for themselves and the crowd
(not sure what's with the skirt swaying here)

And the judges not only judged 
but put on a show of their own to the thrill of the crowd
Loose Joint
and Aga Swiftlockers
and all would not be possible without the DJ to spin some phat beats

But end of the day, the event has everything to do with the crews
as they strut their moves

and moved as a team
 whether they chose to have their settings 

in the past

or rock and rolling it in the future
and at the end of it all, the crews anxiously awaited their fate
do they battle to be the best

or they had to bust a move
to be the last ones standing

At the end of it all, it was a nice way to end the weekend
can't wait for the finals on Dec 18th!

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