Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Falken has landed

Falken tyres.... frankly I dunno anyone who uses 'em...
but from what I've been told whenever they have roadshow,
surely there'll be Hypertune there as well...

So a few Heart Crushers made their way there last Thur
by the time I arrived there was not much left to see
but nm, got to see a movie in the end.. :)

Anyways I manage to arrive at 1Utama on the last day of the roadshow
was not actually planning to cover it but since I was at MVEC
for the TeenFest, I so happen to have my camera with me..

Good thing too as I managed to cover this unusual show in the oval
It was a show by Dulux...
not sure what's up with the Lady Gaga's
or the fluffy's costumes..
and retro look
but all in all was an entertaining display
too bad the Alice in wonderland characters didn't make their appearance this time

As for the Falken roadshow,
It was mainly a show of their tires
and some cars
and for those not interested in the plant waste products,
there were games for all the family,
spin and win
RC races
even putting challenge
As I was walking around bumped into another two photographers...
So we managed to make our rounds and get our photos...
Many surely made their way to the roadshow for these ladies..
so I guess is apt to end it with a glimpse of the beauties... :)

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