Friday, November 19, 2010

Go Go Mobile

Since phones, especially mobile phones, have become such a big part of modern life,
It isn't surprising that there would be fairs, just as they would PC's..

As far as I know, Go Mobile is one of the more common one's..
This was the second year that I attended it in KLCC
last year I went to cover a fashion for phones!
and they even used phones as the fashion!

this year there was no fashion show, nor a stage,
but they did have a phone museum...
cataloging many forms of phones over the years
from the tai kor tai...
to the not so big (which was labelled wrong btw)
to the classic 3310
and even the recognisable red booths
of course for some they went there with intentions to cover other matters...
as for me.. I made 2 trips there...
both times to check out the Samsung Galaxy S..
 fast response and high enough screen resolution..
yummz.... too bad it's not within the budget.. yet.. :)

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