Monday, November 22, 2010

Grass or crass

What a lazy Sunday...

maybe it was the heat... 
or the fact that the holidays have started,
but I really did not feel like doing much...
I had big plans... none of which really came about...
but I'm okay with that....

On the list today was
a) gra round 5 at Shah Alam stadium
b) City girl search at Axis Atrium
c) wedding fashion show at Midvalley

as it is with any list, you start at the top,
so as the sun was getting high in the sky,
heart crusher crew made their appearance at Shah Alam stadium...
I've never been for a Grass Racing Autocross (gra) race before...

I had to get briefed...
 as the only thing I know I did know was there would be auto queens present,

and what I heard was true...
some photographers just came to take photos of the ladies..
and then left... not caring about the cars...
you judge for yourself it it's worth the travel?

basically the idea I got is that it's kind of like drifting
but you go around cones?...
Like all new things I found it interesting but after the first few runs,
the newness wore off,
even with the occasional cone bump
burning rubber
and flying gravel
and impressive driving
or even the unique cars...

soon the realisation dawned on me 
that most of the competitors performance were disappointing
Midway through, I was tired, a little bored 
and just felt like crawling into bed and waiting for the heatwave to pass
so after a very late lunch, 
abandoning plan b and c,
that is what I ended up doing

so it was time to hang up my helmet,
as my need for speed was met,
 it's time to end the weekend early...
and let the holidays begin! 

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