Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally DG Color Model

DG Color model search has always been kinda "unique" in my mind...
The organisers certainly are not pressured by what is normal nor popular...
though sometimes makes me wonder if they try too hard to be politically correct.

Anyhow, keeping in line by doing the unusual,
The finals was held on the first day of KLPF, which was a friday,
instead of a more convenient time like Saturday or as a peak of the event...

none the less, the supporters still showed up to show their love,
but notice that they're mostly college student aged?
guess the older crowds were too busy working..

In the typical Malaysia manner, the show started about 2 hours later...
but soon these supporters patience were rewarded by the appearance of the contestants
And just to be different, for the fashion show,
instead of upbeat music they just used a beat O.o||
and to end the whole session they were dressed in white 
(kinda looked wedding dress like but not quite)
And to top it off for the unusualness of the pageant,
out of the five winners at the end of the night,
two of them didn't even make it through earlier rounds!
and that included the winner of the competition?!?
for those with strong support, they also came out on top
I'd say that'd make it a worthy outing for the fans :)

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